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Ear Related Concerns

Generally, any ear related concern will result in a diagnostic audiology test (hearing test),

being conducted where appropriate, immediately prior to the doctor's consultation.  

Perth ENT Centre has a team of audiologists on site at both our Subiaco and Karrinyup locations. The audiologists providing services at Perth ENT Centre are independent contractors. 

Fees relating to audiology services are contained in your appointment letter at the time booking.

For patients attending our Jandakot location, Attune Hearing will provide audiology services to our doctors. Hearing assessments will be billed by Attune Hearing, separately from our doctors consultation fees.





Ear Exam

Kidshear Diagnostic Audiology 


For newborn babies to adolescent patients we recommend the services of Hannah Bennett, Principal Audiologist and Owner of Kidshear, for comprehensive testing and diagnosis of hearing loss and listening difficulties.  


Kidshear also offer a moulded ear plug solution which is fitted and made onsite during your appointment.

Perth ENT Centre looks after the appointment bookings on behalf of Kidshear and clinics are available at both our Subiaco and Karrinyup locations. 

For  Diagnostic Audiology testing, please download the Kidshear Referral form from the Kidshear Website and send to   

Visit the Kidshear  website for more information  

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