Important Information 

We are please to announce we are now transitioning back to face to face clinics as lockdown restrictions are slowly removed. We still maintain very strict conditions on visiting our practice in line with Department of Health Guidelines and we greatly appreciate our patients observing these conditions when you arrive. Please see below under Visiting our Rooms for further information on attending our clinics.

  • If you have an appointment in the coming weeks or months, this may not change and you will receive an SMS reminder.

  • If we need to change your appointment details, we will contact you by phone or SMS   

  • If you were booked for a telehealth appointment, our secretaries may contact you to offer a face to face consultation if you prefer.

  • For all face to face appointments, a Health Declaration must be completed before you enter our practice rooms and we may check your temperature on arrival. This includes any parent accompanying a child or any other visitors to the practice.

The Federal Government has also permitted some elective procedures to resume. 

  • Our priority is to contact all patients who previously had surgery cancelled before taking on new patient bookings

  • Surgical Bookings will also be prioritised by urgency under guidelines issued by the Federal Government

  • For all other surgical bookings, we will waitlist you until such time as we are permitted to book your surgery

Visiting our Rooms during  COVID19 pandemic

Do not bring yourself or anyone else to the Practice if you meet the following criteria:

If you have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 3 weeks

if you have been in contact with someone who is suspected of, or confirmed as having Coronavirus

If you have been unwell with flu- like symptoms, fever or cough or have COVID19

If you had COVID19 and are now clear, you must provide a Certificate of Clearance issued from Department of Health

To assist with meeting social distancing guidelines, it is now mandatory that you enter the clinic on your own.

  • If the patient is a child, strictly only 1 parent may attend.  Do not bring any other family members into the practice. Practice staff maintain the right to refuse entry for non essential visitors.

  • If you have an appointment for 2 children, please be prepared as only 1 child and 1 adult are allowed in the practice at any time. Practice staff maintain the right to decline entry of any additional family members.

Please follow the instructions on the front door of our Practice Rooms when you arrive for your appointment.

Patients will be brought into the practice 1 at a time and we ask that you please follow the strict instructions of the staff .

Please seek medical attention via your GP if you are generally unwell (but phone ahead if you suspect you have coronavirus) or contact National Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080

Temporary changes to our Appointments 

Telehealth Appointments 

A phone or video consultation is possible where deemed appropriate.  Should  surgery be required, the doctor will discuss this with you and we will wait list you until such time as surgery can be booked.

Telehealth consultations are bulk billed providing you have a valid and current referral.

If you do not have a current referral the consultation will cost $75.05 for the initial consultation and $37.70 for a follow up appointment.

Face to Face appointments 

All clinic appointments will be charged at our standard rates which are included in your appointment letter, emailed to you at the time of booking (we are not a Bulk Billing Clinic).

Looking for more information?

Please refer to the following links for further information relating to common ENT medical issues and what to expect when visiting our rooms:


 Information you need to know before about attending our clinic rooms 

 General information about various Ear, Nose and Throat medical conditions

 General information about common surgical procedures 

COVID-19 information 

All information should be obtained from official websites such as the Australian Government, Department of Health which is continuously updated as the situation changes.

The Federal Government recently launched a new phone app Coronavirus Australia, which is available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play. This was launched alongside the Government's new WhatsApp feature


Fact sheets are also available with lots of information about COVID19

Other reference videos include:


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