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Information for Referring 

Medical Practitioners

Urgent Referrals 

If you would like to discuss a referral that you feel requires an urgent appointment, we invite you to contact our practice nurse direct for assistance. 


Refer to the attached guide to help determine which doctor is best suited for your patient.  

All doctors and their areas of interest are contained in the Hodby Specialist Directory and the online GP Book  which is updated annually.

We strongly encourage referring doctors to check the above guides before referring your patient to an ENT specialist as not all ENT doctors treat all ENT issues.

Our practice currently does not accept Adult Vertigo/Tinnitus/Hearing Loss Referrals and we do not offer Hearing Aid services.


We have a few pathway options for sending in your referrals to our practice: 

Healthlink   pentsent   (PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGED effective 26/10/2020)

Fax              9328 0582


We STRICTLY do not accept referrals for Workers Compensation or

Motor Vehicle Insurance cases


Perth ENT Centre has 2 audiology booths on site which are utilised in the following situations:

ENT Specialist Doctor Consultations

For ear related concerns, a diagnostic audiology test can be performed by our audiologist where appropriate, to assist the doctor during the consultation process

Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiology Services  

For newborn babies to adolescent patients we recommend the services or Hannah Bennett at Kidshear for comprehensive testing and diagnosis of hearing loss and listening difficulties.  

Perth ENT Centre looks after the appointment bookings for Kidshear clinics which run at both our Subiaco and Duncraig locations. 

As Kidshear is independent of Perth ENT Centre, the Kidshear  Referral Template must be used. This template also ensures the patient obtains Medicare Rebates.

Download the Kidshear Referral form  and send to   

Visit the Kidshear  website for more information  



Have an ENT question?

Unsure if you should refer to an ENT specialist? 

Whether you want to discuss our services in more details or clarify treatment plans for your patient, give our Practice Nurse a call. Our Nursing Team understand the majority of ENT related issues and are more than happy to provide assistance.

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